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Are these items really free?
Yes! For every offer that is completed, we are paid by our advertisers. We use that money to pay for the gifts given away by this site!

Can I create more than 1 account?
To ensure quality offer completions and the highest payout of offers (to give you the best gifts for a low referral cost), we can not permit you to create more then one account.

Will I receive spam from you?
We take our spam policy very seriously and will never sell your information our send you spam. However, announcements regarding new offers or promotions may be sent on occasion by our staff.

I have a question to ask you. Where can I do so?
Please read our complete FAQ in the members area. If you can't find your answer, you can create a support ticket.

How will I know if I've been chosen to receive a free gift?
Not everyone who signs up will receive a gift. All those chosen will be sent an email along with announcing the lucky ones on our blog.

Do I need to refer anyone in order to receive a free gift?
Absolutely not! However, we invite to to tell your friends to sign up as well!

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