OptiToken Presale Opens Hot -The 1st Token With A Decreasing Token Supply

For those who haven’t heard yet, there’s a new token in town. OptiToken.io is producing a project where the token supply actually supports a decreasing function.

How is this accomplished?

Profits from the company’s algorithmic trading bot are taken and used to buy OptiToken itself on any exchanges listed. When the tokens are bought it provides a consistent pumping of price, but the real magic is what happens with the tokens purchased. After the transparent buy takes place, the company then sends OptiToken to a “black hole address”, so that the tokens are burned and lost forever. This creates scarcity in the token supply which further provides steady upward price pressure.

Analysis predicts price could open as high as €2 – €10 and then rise up to €100+, only to stabilize around €20 – €60 per token. However, it is also considered that the token could be very volatile, so buyers should take normal precautions when considering a purchase and not base purchases solely on this speculation. OptiTokens are currently available for purchase now with no minimum buy amount required for the earliest sign-ups at OptiToken.io/presale. After those spaces are filled, the project’s presale will require a minimum purchase amount until the presale token offer is depleted or the official ICO opens on April 1st.

How good is their algorithm and what is it based on?

The algorithm is based on swing trading amongst a small basket of carefully vetted cryptocurrencies. The algorithm that will fuel OptiToken is currently viewable on the OptiToken.io website, and samples a smaller testnet version of the algorithm live trading on Bitfinex. The portfolio so far is outpacing Bitcoin by roughly 60% since November and has swung as high as 100%. The team says it’s important to remember the portfolio does not predict or dictate the price of OptiToken itself: when the token becomes available on exchanges price may differ greatly from the portfolio index.

Where can you find OptiTokens?

The project’s pre-sale is officially open now at OptiToken.io/presale and is currently whitelisting a limited amount of email registrants for the ICO, which will open at the beginning of April. When listed on exchanges the ticker will tentatively be $OPTI.

Live questions can be asked and answered on the projects Telegram channel – https://t.me/optitoken

Images courtesy of OptiToken

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